Included on this page is photography of mine that has been published by artists in some form (cover art, print, online).

My work that has been published in other forms can be found in the following pages:





Front and Back Photos on 7" Single "He's A Jerk" B/W "Because I Love You"

Photos on website pages:

Le Butcherettes

Cover art for 7" single of "Shave the Pride"/"We No Owe," released by Ipecac Records. Also can be seen on Amazon here:

Tokyo Police Club

Gatefold image for album TPC.

The Shondes

The band photograph to the inside of the album "Brighton" is taken by me.

•    •    •

First four images are promo shots taken of the band in Brooklyn as found on their PHOTOS page:

The 29ers

News story on NEWS page:

Other images found on older website

Two digital concert posters for 118 North shows


The image was found on the press page:


Found on Athensville's website:

Katie Barbato

Found on NEWS portion of website:

Charlie Bereal


The above header image was used as the top image on their official Facebook page:

Jim Boggia

Image for JIM BOGGIA SOLO as found on landing page:


Photograph on the Exotic Fever Records site:

Church Girls

Tour Poster for July 10-13, 2019

Creem Circus

Digital concert poster

David Wax Museum

New Year's Eve in Philadelphia story features a photo of mine:

The Dream Syndicate

This photo is the press photo Anti- uses for The Dream Syndicate, as found here:

Emily Drinker

Digital single image for "On the Hunt"

Alejandro Escovedo

This used to be found as a photo and some text from a published review and photoset here:


As found on website:

The Fauntleroys

This appears in the Gallery section of their website here:

Andy Friedman

This photo appears in the Press/Video section of his website here:

Nik Greeley

The photo was used to promote a concert as seen here:

Hotsy Totsy

Joy Ike

Photos found on PRESS page:

Andrew Lipke

Photo included as part of PRESS INFO section at Andrew Lipke's website here:

Low Cut Connie

Image for fan club post card dated Fall 2019.


Photo included as part of Pics section of website:

Maggie Mae


Formerly found on landing page for band Marrow:

Cynthia Mason

Photo included in Photos section of artist's website here:

Mercury Girls

Former header image taken by me, as found at their Bandcamp page:

Old 97's

Found on page discussing lead singer Rhett Miller:

Pylon Reenactment Society

Three of the images above are shown on their website's PHOTOS page here:

Lee Ranaldo

The above image is found under 2016-2017 Performance Pix here:

Red Means Run

The above images are found here:


Amy Rigby

Tour Poster for May-June 2019

Sarah Shook & The Disarmers

Header image and downloadable image at Bloodshot Records:

The Silence Kit

The Split Squad

St. James & The Apostles

Digital concert poster

The Vaughns

Cover image for You Tube live set:

Vita and the Woolf

Photo included on ABOUT page:

Grace Vonderkuhn

Philadelphia Folksong Society: Zoe Mulford

Zoe Mulford photos found as header of digital concert venue page:

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