Found below is all of my work that has been published by blogs, magazines, etc.

My work that has been published in other forms can be found in the following pages:




Below you will find listings of all published online work. It is listed by year first in descending order and then by month, also in descending order. Many feature my writing in addition to photos. (NOTE FROM 8/2016: All Philadelphia City Paper links are dead; content as of now found at here.)






*Bikini Kill with Mannequin Pussy, The Fillmore Silver Spring, MD, MAGNET:

*Black Belt Eagle Scout with Claire Glass and Adobo, Johnny Brenda’s, Philadelphia, MAGNET:

*Caroline Polachek with George Clanton, Franklin Music Hall, Philadelphia, MAGNET:


*Steve Gunn, John Truscinski and Bill Nace, Solar Myth, Philadelphia, MAGNET:




*Plains with MJ Lenderman, Union Transfer, Philadelphia, MAGNET:

*Catbite with Bacchae and Take Today, First Unitarian Church, Philadelphia, MAGNET:

*Marshall Allen’s Ghost Horizons, Solar Myth, Philadelphia, Philadelphia Magazine:

*Bartees Strange with Pom Pom Squad and Spring Silver, The Foundry, Philadelphia, MAGNET:


*Billy Bragg with Alice Phoebe Lou, Keswick Theatre, Glenside, PA, MAGNET:

*The Linda Lindas with Bacchae and Sub*T, Music Hall of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, MAGNET:

*Julia Jacklin with Mimi Gilbert, Union Transfer, Philadelphia, MAGNET:

*THICK with Skating Polly and Teenage Bigfoot, Kung Fu Necktie, Philadelphia MAGNET:



*Peaches with Kalifa, Union Transfer, Philadelphia, MAGNET:

*The Decemberists with Jake Xerxes Fussell, The Met, Philadelphia, MAGNET:

*Wilco with Built to Spill, Westville Music Bowl, New Haven, CT, MAGNET:


*NON-COMM, World Cafe Live, Philadelphia, MAGNET:

*Tomberlin with Jana Horn, PhilaMOCA, Philadelphia, MAGNET:

*Kristin Hersh with Fred Abong, City Winery, Philadelphia, MAGNET:

*Lo Moon with Social Animals, Johnny Brenda's, Philadelphia, MAGNET:

*Nine Inch Nails with 100 Gecs, The Met, Philadelphia, MAGNET:

*DanJoMar, Marissa Paternoster, Vixen77, Froggt, At Night, PhilaMOCA, Philadelphia, MAGNET:

*Attia Taylor with Corey Carris-Duncan, Johnny Brenda’s, Philadelphia, MAGNET:

*Emma Swift, House Show, Riverton, NJ, MAGNET:

*Japanese Breakfast with Yo La Tengo and Cate Le Bon, Dell Music Center, Philadelphia, MAGNET:

*Mitski, Franklin Music Hall, Philadelphia, MAGNET:


*Wet Leg with Lowertown, Underground Arts, Philadelphia, MAGNET:

*Sasami with Zulu, Johnny Brenda's, Philadelphia, MAGNET:

*Low with Divide and Dissolve, World Cafe Live, Philadelphia, MAGNET:

*Vivien Goldman with Kilynn Lunsford's Banjo Dog Body and Drill, Century, Philadelphia, MAGNET:

*Waxahatchee with Madi Diaz, Union Transfer, Philadelphia, MAGNET:

*Tori Amos with Companion, The Met, Philadelphia, MAGNET:

*St. James & The Apostles with PJ Brown & Her Resistance and Larlene, Ruba Club, Philadelphia, MAGNET:


*Screaming Females with Mannequin Pussy, Oceanator and Long Neck, White Eagle Music Hall, Jersey City, MAGNET:

*Strand of Oaks with Pat Finnerty, Johnny Brenda's, Philadelphia, MAGNET:

*Fenne Lily with Illuminati Hotties and Pom Pom Squad, First Unitarian Church, Philadelphia, MAGNET:

*David Jamison, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Resistance Revival Chorus, World Cafe Live, Philadelphia, MAGNET:

*Kim Gordon with Bill Nace, TLA, Philadelphia, MAGNET:


*Over the Rhine, World Cafe Live, Philadelphia, MAGNET:

*Surfbort with Smirk, Dog Date and Pure Adult, Underground Arts, Philadelphia, MAGNET:

*Chvrches with Donna Missal, Franklin Music Hall, Philadelphia, MAGNET:

*The Dream Syndicate with Eyelids, Brooklyn Made, New York, MAGNET:


*Jeff Rosenstock with Slaughter Beach, Dog and Oceanator, Union Transfer, Philadelphia, MAGNET:



*The Lantern Tour, Scottish Rite Auditorium, Collingswood, MAGNET:

*Ellen Siberian Tiger at Miner Street Recordings, Philadelphia Freedom, MAGNET:

*Old 97's with Cliff Hillis, Ardmore Music Hall, Ardmore, MAGNET:

*Habibi with Heavenly Bodies, Johnny Brenda's, Philadelphia, MAGNET:

*Screaming Females with Sweeping Promises and TVO, First Unitarian Church, Philadelphia, MAGNET:

*Drive-By Truckers with Buffalo Nichols, The Queen, Wilmington, MAGNET:

*Sheer Mag with Dridge and ICD10, PhilaMOCA, Philadelphia, MAGNET:

*Sam Evian with Liam Kazar, Johnny Brenda's, Philadelphia, MAGNET:





*Greg Seltzer, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Julien Baker with Thao and Mini Trees, Franklin Music Hall, Philadelphia, MAGNET:

*Slaughter Beach, Dog with Hurry and Gladie, Union Transfer, Philadelphia, MAGNET:

*XPoNential Music Festival, Wiggins Park, Camden, MAGNET:

*XPoNetial Music Festival Portraits, Wiggins Park, Camden, MAGNET:

*Patti Smith, Central Park, New York, MAGNET:

*Leon Bridges with Abraham Alexander, Union Transfer, Philadelphia, MAGNET:

*Half Gringa with Laura Lizcano and Swim Camp, Johnny Brenda's, Philadelphia, MAGNET:

*Big Thief with Mind Maintenance, Union Transfer, Philadelphia, MAGNET:



*Grocer and Tangled Up, Ortlieb's, Philadelphia, MAGNET:

*Joe Reinhart, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*The Warhawks, RedtouchBlack and Ugli, Dolphin Tavern, Philadelphia, MAGNET:

*Japanese Breakfast with Mannequin Pussy, Union Transfer, Philadelphia, MAGNET:

*Hauntress at Miner Street Recordings, Philadelphia Freedom, MAGNET:

*Puppy Angst at Headroom Studios, Philadelphia Freedom, MAGNET:

*Rich Adams at Studio 1935, Philadelphia Freedom, MAGNET:





*Niyonu, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Fl!p, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Grand Mantis, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Coleman Rigg, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Spirit of the Beehive, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Another Michael, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Gabe Preston, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Jello Vibes, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Larlene, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Settled Arrows, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*George Korein, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Nicole June, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Chris Malinowski, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Moor Mother, KQED:



*Sixteen Jackies, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Nothing, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Morgan Pinkstone, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Jeff Zeigler, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Nick Millevoi, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*TC Cole Riot, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Dan Blacksberg, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Hailey Brinnel, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Ruba Club with Drew Nugent, Where We Belong, MAGNET:

*The Stammer, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Rise Twain, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Olivia Rubini, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Buck Meek, Closed Captioned:


*Valvin Roane, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Andrew Lipke, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Joe Jack Talcum, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*MilkBoy and Nick Perri, Where We Belong, MAGNET:

*You Do You, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*John Faye, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Will Brown, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Grocer, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Jay Carlis, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Katie Hackett, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Sound Photographers, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Trap Rabbit, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*OOLALA, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Ardmore Music Hall with Aron Magner, Where We Belong, MAGNET:

*Erica Corbo, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Buck Meek, Beats Per Minute:

*Buck Meek,

*Moor Mother, Focus Vif:



*Laura Lizcano, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Paul Wilkinson, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*World Cafe Live and Phillybloco, Where We Belong, MAGNET:

*Danny Black, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Honeyjar, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Farah Siraj, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Kung Fu Necktie and Douglas Sabolick, Where We Belong, MAGNET:

*Gary Dann, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Maggie Mae, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*St. James & The Apostles, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Underground Arts and Jason Kourkounis, Where We Belong, MAGNET:

*Dave Cope, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Jamie and the Guarded Heart, MAGNET:

*Slomo Sapiens, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Ash Kernen, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Seismic, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Peter Buck, R.E.M. HQ:

*Maggie Mae, The Bobcast:


*Fred Berman, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*RFA, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Emily Drinker, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Mock Suns, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Joseph Carlough and Katie Haegele, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Miss Cantaloupe, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*A Day Without Love, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Julie Be, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*REMOTE/CONTROL, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Overwinter, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Donn T, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*PhilaMOCA with Rodney Anonymous, Where We Belong, MAGNET:

*Dan Drago, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Tubey Frank, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Elaine Rasnake, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Boot & Saddle, Where We Belong, MAGNET:

*HESS, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:


*Julia Rainer, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Lee Clarke, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Kate Dressed Up, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Pine Barons, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*The Goodbye Party, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Lili Añel, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*This Way to the EGRESS, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*V. Shayne Frederick, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Total Rubbish, Isolation Drills, MAGENT:

*Sophie Coran, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Jordan Caiola, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Meaghan Kyle, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Danielle Gershkoff, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Adam Monaco, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Goings, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*West Philadelphia Orchestra, MAGNET:

*April Mae & The June Bugs, MAGNET:


*An Albatross, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Gangstagrass, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Andorra, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Korine, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Maggie Pope, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Riverby, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*PJ Brown, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Welcome Center, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Sheena and Thee Nosebleeds, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Rozes, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Kingsley Ibeneche, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Kirby Sybert, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*I Think Like Midnight, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Eleanor Two, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*The 29ers, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Ryan Williams, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Fawziyya Heart, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Tyler Asay, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Ruby the Hatchet, EarthQuaker Devices:

*Shorns Marshall, Guitar Girl:


*Eliza Hardy Jones, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Adam Shumski, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Scantron, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Ghösh, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Gladie, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Hezekiah Jones, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Ruby the Hatchet, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Taiwan Housing Project, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Crossed Keys, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Martronimous & Duns, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Kilamanzego, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Hannah Taylor, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Scarlet Rowe, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Dominy, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Grant Pavol, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Lauren Scott, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Audrey Zee Whitesides, Isolation Drills, MAGNET: 

*2nd Grade, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Geeta Simons and Brother JT, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Lia Menaker, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Devon, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Shorn Marshall, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Witching, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Carsie Blanton, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Dean Sabatino of The Dead Milkmen, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*John Byrne, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Ben Arnold, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Rogers & Butler, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Nikki Starr, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Lily McKown, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Kevin Monko, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*War On Women, Waging Nonviolence:

*Shawna Potter, 101 Part Time Jobs:

*The National, Ben Stanton Lighting Designer:

*Moor Mother, Ele-King:


*Archpalatine, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Honey Radar, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Shamir, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*The Dawn Drapes, Isolations Drills, MAGNET:

*Namarah, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Chris Wilson, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Chris Kasper, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Ali Awan, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Ill Doots, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Brother Starling, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Emily Bate, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Mike "Slo-Mon" Brenner, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*RedtouchBlack, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Rosali, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Kate Nyx, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Jesse Lundy, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*The River Drivers, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*LaTreice V. Branson, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Maps & His Mothball Fleet, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Tulipomania, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Micah Graves, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Melanie Hsu, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Suburban Living, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Pat Finnerty, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Greg Sover, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Dreamswell, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Beth Arnold Gilbert, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Mighty Joe Castro, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*St. Clair Simmons, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Christopher Davis-Shannon, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Moor Mother, Pitchfork:

*Buck Meek, Pitch Perfect:

*Buck Meek, NME:

*Buck Meek, Consequence of Sound:

*Buck Meek, The Line of Best Fit:

*Buck Meek, Keeled Scales:

*Mike Shinoda, LP+:

*Orion Sun, Silk:


*King Azaz, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Rachel Icenogle, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Madalean Gauze, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Vassal, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Chris DiPinto, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*KooF, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Avataria, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Chris Forsyth, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Mutlu, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Florry, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Adam Smith (Pilkington), Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Katie Jo Knaub, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Jon Kois, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Talie, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Red Desert Motel, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Greg McGarvey, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Hemming, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Jefferson Berry, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Valentina Sounds, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Bright Kelly, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*RB Ricks, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Amanda X, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Moor Mother, The Vinyl Factory:

*Kay Hanley, MSN:|1

*Low Cut Connie, WFUV:


*Ross Bellenoit, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Presages, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Sean Byrne, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Mannequin Pussy, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Moor Mother, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Upholstery, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Little Fawn, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Katy Otto, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Birdie Busch, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Trevor Leonard of TEOA, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Lovelorn, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Jay Laughlin, Isolations Drills, MAGNET:

*Coping Skills, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Nik Greeley, Isolation Drills, MAGNET:

*Joy Ike, Pittsburgh City Paper:

*The Dream Syndicate, Rock & Roll Globe:




*Cowboy Junkies, Scottish Rite Auditorium, Collingswood:

*Bonny Light Horseman with Erin Rae, Boot & Saddle, Philadelphia:

*Tanya Tucker with Brandy Clark, World Cafe Live, Philadelphia:

*Upholstery with Presages and Rainbow Crimes, Boot & Saddle, Philadelphia:

*Echosmith with Weathers and Jayden Bartels, World Cafe Live, Philadelphia:

*Arc Iris with Archpalatine and Faucet, MilkBoy, Philadelphia:

*Drive-By Truckers, Union Transfer, Philadelphia:

*Marty Stuart with Zephaniah OHora, Ardmore Music Hall, Ardmore:

*Sarah Shook, Columbus Alive:

*Pip Blom, NRC.NL:






*Aldous Harding with Tiny Ruins, Underground Arts, Philadelphia:

*Maggie Rogers, The Mann, Philadelphia:

*Team Dresch with Screaming Females and Des Ark, Union Transfer, Philadelphia:

*House of Vans Philadelphia Pop-Up, Philadelphia:

*House of Vans Philadelphia Pop-Up Portraits, Philadelphia:

*Wilco, Radio City Music Hall, New York City:

*The Black Keys with Modest Mouse and Jessy Wilson, Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia:

*Idles, Union Transfer, Philadelphia:

*Rhett Miller, City Winery, Philadelphia:

*Starcrawler, Boot & Saddle, Philadelphia:

*Jay Som with Boy Scouts, The Foundry, Philadelphia:

*Low Cut Connie, Inquirer:

*Amy Rigby, The Arts Fuse:


*Vampire Weekend with Christone "KINGFISH" Ingram, The Mann, Philadelphia:

*Queen of Jeans with Gladie, Boot & Saddle, Philadelphia:

*Fontaines D.C. with Pottery, Johnny Brenda's, Philadelphia:

*Of Monsters and Men with Lower Dens, The Met, Philadelphia:

*Robert Plant with Nathaniel Rateliff and Lillie Mae, The Mann, Philadelphia:

*Mannequin Pussy with Destroy Boys and Ellis, First Unitarian Church, Philadelphia:

*Bleached with The Paranoyds, Boot & Saddle, Philadelphia:

*Speedy Ortiz with Remember Sports and Sammus, Johnny Brenda's, Philadelphia:

*Sea Hear Now Festival Photos, Asbury Park, NJ:

*Sea Hear Now Festival Portraits, Asbury Park, NJ:

*Brittany Howard with Charlie Bereal, The Fillmore, Philadelphia:

*Rhiannon Giddens, The Grand Opera House, Wilmington, DE:

*Amy Rigby, Inquirer:




*Bikini Kill, Terminal 5, New York City:

*Florence + The Machine with Blood Orange, Merriweather Post Pavilion, Columbia, MD:

*Bikini Kill, Kings Theatre, Brooklyn:

*Billie Eilish with Denzel Curry, The Met, Philadelphia:

*The National with Courtney Barnett, BRIC Celebrate Brooklyn Festival, Brooklyn:

*Juliana Hatfield with Bird Streets, World Cafe Live, Philadelphia:

*Kristen Hersh with Fred Abong, Boot & Saddle, Philadelphia:

*The Minus 5, Johnny Brenda's, Philadelphia:

*The Minus 5, White Eagle Hall, Jersey City:

*The Minus 5, Solid Sound, MASS MoCA, North Adams, MA:

*Solid Sound, MASS MoCA, North Adams, MA:

*Tristen, West Virginia Public Radio:

*Dressy Bessy, Esthetic Lens:


*Valerie June with Parker Gispert, Ardmore Music Hall, Ardmore:

*Murder By Death with Sarah Shook and The Disarmers, Chameleon Club, Lancaster:

*Santigold, The Fillmore, Philadelphia:

*Ex Hex with Versus and THICK, Elsewhere, Brooklyn:

*Strand of Oaks with Wild Pink, Union Transfer, Philadelphia:

*The Dream Syndicate, Sellersvill Theatre, Sellersville:

*Neneh Cherry with Lafawndah and Ian Isiah, Elsewhere, Brooklyn:

*Non-COMM 2019 Performances, World Cafe Live, Philadelphia:

*Non-COMM 2019 Portraits, World Cafe Live, Philadelphia:

*The Hives and Refused with Control Top and RunHideFight, Franklin Music Hall, Philadelphia:

*Warpaint with deafmute, Black Cat, Washington, D.C.:

*Lady Lamb with Katie Von Schleicher and Alex Schaaf, The Foundry, Philadelphia:

*Filthy Friends with Dressy Bessy, Johnny Brenda's, Philadelphia:

*Filthy Friends with Dressy Bessy, Music Hall of Williamsburg, Brooklyn:

*L7 with Le Butcherettes, Union Transfer, Philadelphia:

*The Dove & The Wolf with Shamir and Michelle Blades, Johnny Brenda's, Philadelphia:

*Patti Smith, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia:

*Bikini Kill, Brooklyn Steel, Brooklyn:

*Versus, Under the Radar:

*Hurry, Recommeded Listen:

*The Dream Syndicate, Billboard:

*The Dream Syndicate, Bandcamp:

*The Dream Syndicate, The Reporter:

*Kay Hanley, Metrowest Daily News:

*The Dream Syndicate, EMS-VECHTE-SURFER:


*Ex Hex with Moaning and The Smarthearts, Union Transfer, Philadelphia:

*Patty Griffin with Ruston Kelly, Union Transfer, Philadelphia:

*And The Kids with Ellen Siberian Tiger and Bathouse, Johnny Brenda's, Philadelphia:

*Amanda Palmer, Temple Performing Arts Center, Philadelphia:

*Amy Rigby, House Show, Reading:

*Mott the Hoople with The Dream Syndicate, Keswick Theatre, Glenside:

*Screaming Females, PhilaMOCA, Philadelphia:

*Habibi with Leggy and Florry, PhilaMOCA, Philadelphia:

*Angélique Kidjo, McCarter Theatre, Princeton:

*Michael Stipe and Patti Smith, Earthfest, New York City:

*Lee Ranaldo with Chris Forsyth, Loren Connors and Alan Licht, Jerry's On Front, Philadelphia:

*Priests with Gurr and Big Heet, Boot & Saddle, Philadelphia:

*Kolars with Calliope Musicals, Boot & Saddle, Philadelphia:

*Laura Jane Grace with Control Top and Mercy Union, Underground Arts, Philadelphia:

*The Coathangers with Sixteen Jackies and Big Bite, Underground Arts, Philadelphia:

*Death with Thaylobleu, The Foundry, Philadelphia:

*Julia Jacklin with Black Belt Eagle Scout, Johnny Brenda's, Philadelphia:

*Slothrust with Summer Cannibals, Asbury Lanes, Asbury Park:

*Patti Smith, The Met, Philadelphia:

*The Dream Syndicate, Rockerilla:

*Michael Stipe at Earthfest as seen in REMHQ:

*Grace Vonderkuhn, Star News Online:


*Le Butcherettes, Hard Rock Cafe, Philadelphia:

*The Beths with Bad Bad Hats and Sieve, First Unitarian Church, Philadelphia:

*The Flesheaters with Porcupine, Johnny Brenda's, Philadelphia:

*Her's with Spencer., Johnny Brenda's, Philadelphia:

*Sir Babygirl with Sunspeaker, Boot & Saddle, Philadelphia:

*Tokyo Police Club with Dizzy, Boot & Saddle, Philadelphia:

*Samantha Crain, House Show, Philadelphia:

*Church Girls with Field Mouse, Johnny Brenda's, Philadelphia:

*Stella Donnelly with Faye Webster, Johnny Brenda's, Philadelphia:

*Lucy Dacus with Mal Blum and Fenne Lily, Union Transfer, Philadelphia:

*Strand of Oaks, Repo Records, Philadelphia:

*Lionel Richie, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Atlantic City:

*Mary Gauthier with Jaimee Harris, City Winery, Washington, D.C.:

*RFA with Ali Awan, Ritual Talk and Secret American, Underground Arts, Philadelphia:


*SOAK with Claud, Boot & Saddle, Philadelphia:

*H.C. McEntire with Empty Country, Johnny Brenda's, Philadelphia:

*Sharon Van Etten with Nilüfer Yanya, Union Transfer, Philadelphia:

*John Maus with Nick Nicely, Union Transfer, Philadelphia:

*Eyelids with Hurry and Honey Radar, Boot & Saddle, Philadelphia:

*Cherry Glazerr with Sneaks, First Unitarian Church, Philadelphia:

*Beirut with Helado Negro, Tower Theater, Upper Darby:

*Car Seat Headrest with Naked Giants, Rams Head Live, Baltimore:

*Sarah Shook and The Disarmers with The National Reserve and Hannah Taylor, Ardmore Music Hall, Ardmore:

*Adia Victoria with Joshua Asante, Johnny Brenda's, Philadelphia:

*The Chills with Brion Starr and Springhouse, Trocadero, Philadelphia:

*The Dream Syndicate, NPR:




*Priests with Empath and Carnivorous Bells, PhilaMOCA, Philadelphia:

*Strand of Oaks with Joe Pug and Carl Broemel, Boot & Saddle, Philadelphia:

*Old 97's with CaseyMagic and Rhett Miller, TLA, Philadelphia:

*Patterson Hood with Chris Kasper, Ardmore Music Hall, Ardmore, PA:

*Grace Vonderkuhn with Full Bush, The Barbary, Philadelphia:

*Basia Bulat with Rosali, Joy Ike and Aaron Parnell Brown, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia:

*Japanese Breakfast with Gabby's World, Johnny Brenda's, Philadelphia:

*Joseph Arthur, The Locks, Philadelphia:

*Pylon Reenactment Society, San Francisco Examiner:


*Lucinda Williams, Scottish Rite Auditorium, Collingswood, NJ:

*Roky Erickson with Far-Out Fangtooth and White Mystery, Underground Arts, Philadelphia:

*Thurston Moore, Ruba Club, Philadelphia:

*The Blow with Karima Walker, Johnny Brenda's, Philadelphia:

*Letters to Cleo with American Hi-Fi, Underground Arts, Philadelphia:

*Caroline Rose with And The Kids, Underground Arts, Philadelphia:

*I'm With Her with The Brother Brothers, Union Transfer, Philadelphia:

*Mitski with Overcoats, Union Transfer, Philadelphia:

*Thom Yorke with Oliver Coates, Franklin Music Hall, Philadelphia:


*Liz Phair with Speedy Ortiz, Union Transfer, Philadelphia:

*Rhett Miller, Ardmore Music Hall, Ardmore, PA:

*Yowler, PhilaMOCA, Philadelphia:

*The Beths Portraits, Philadelphia:

*Mirah with Sammus, Johnny Brenda's, Philadelphia:

*Florence + The Machine with Grizzly Bear, Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia:

*Kimya Dawson, AJJ, Rozwell Kid and Shellshag, Union Transfer, Philadelphia:

*CHVRCHES with Lo Moon, Franklin Music Hall, Philadelphia:

*Tank and The Bangas with Big Freedia and Naughty Professor, TLA, Philadelphia:

*Meshell Ndegeocello, The Queen, Wilmington, DE:

*Johnny Marr, TLA, Philadelphia:

*The Goon Sax Portraits, Philadelphia:

*Courtney Barnett with Waxahatchee, The Fillmore Philadelphia, Philadelphia:

*Garbage with Rituals of Mine, The Fillmore Philadelphia, Philadelphia:

*Courtney Love, Basilica Hudson, Hudson, NY:

*Yuno, Void Magazine, Issue 96:

*Yuno, Void Magazine Web Version:


*First Aid Kit with Julia Jacklin, The Fillmore, Philadelphia:

*Ex Hex with EZTV, Boot & Saddle, Philadelphia:

*Superorganism with Yuno, Union Transfer, Philadelphia:

*Arthur Buck, World Cafe Live, Philadelphia:

*Arthur Buck with Elijah Wolf, Music Hall at Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY:

*Arthur Buck with The Sweet Things, Rock and Roll Hotel, Washington, D.C.:

*Emma Ruth Rundle with Jaye Jayle, PhilaMOCA, Philadelphia:

*Dream Wife with Russo and War Violet, Johnny Brenda's, Philadelphia:

*The National with Cat Power and Phoebe Bridgers, Mann Center, Philadelphia:

*Belly, Union Transfer, Philadelphia:

*Alvvays with Snail Mail and Hatchie, Union Transfer, Philadelphia:


JULY 2018

*Pylon Reenactment Society, Mercury Lounge, New York:

*Mike Mills Rock Violin Concerto, Brevard Music Center, Brevard, NC:

*Snail Mail with Bonny Doon, Union Transfer, Philadelphia:

*Speedy Ortiz with Two Inch Astronaut and Old Maybe, PhilaMOCA, Philadelphia:

*Arcade Fire with Hamilton Leithauser, Festival Pier, Philadelphia:

*Lori McKenna with Whitney Fenimore, World Cafe Live, Philadelphia:

*Nicki Bluhm, The Foundry, Philadelphia:

*Body/Head with Gunn-Truscinski Duo, PhilaMOCA, Philadelphia:

*Radiohead with Junun, Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia:

*Andrew Bird, No Submarines:

JUNE 2018

*Red Aunts with RunHideFight and Control Top, Boot & Saddle, Philadelphia:

*Roots Picnic, Festival Pier, Philadelphia:

*Depeche Mode with EMA, Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia:

*The Decemberists with M Ward, Mann Center, Philadelphia:

*Skating Polly with Potty Mouth and Control Top, Kung Fu Necktie, Philadelphia:

*U2, Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia:

*Radio 104.5 Birthday Celebration Day 1, BB&T Pavilion, Camden, NJ:

*Cicada Rhythm with Ciaran Lavery and Orion Freeman, Boot & Saddle, Philadelphia:

*Matthew Sweet with The Parsnip Revolt, World Cafe Live, Philadelphia:

*Dessa with MONAKR, World Cafe Live, Philadelphia:

*Pylon Reenactment Society, Randy Now's Man Cave, Bordentown, NJ:

*Radio 104.5 Birthday Celebration Day 2, BB&T Pavilion, Camden, NJ:

*The dB's Repercussion: Chris Stamey Q&A (Photos Only):

MAY 2018

*King Krule with Standing on the Corner, The Fillmore, Philadelphia:

*Forth Wanderers with Ó and The Obsessives, First Unitarian Church, Philadelphia:

*Loma with Jess Williamson, Johnny Brenda's, Philadelphia:

*Lydia Lunch with Rubber, Kung Fu Necktie, Philadelphia:

*Hinds with Made Violent, First Unitarian Church, Philadelphia:

*Tune-Yards with My Brightest Diamond, Union Transfer, Philadelphia:

*Coping Skills with Big Quig, Zeta, Vivian K. and So Totally, Everybody Hits, Philadelphia:

*Wye Oak with Palm, Union Transfer, Philadelphia:

*NON-COMM Day 1, World Cafe Live, Philadelphia:

*NON-COMM Day 2, World Cafe Live, Philadelphia:

*NON-COMM Day 3, World Cafe Live, Philadelphia:

*NON-COMM Day 4, World Cafe Live, Philadelphia:

*Sixteen Jackies with Long Hots, Isles Isles and Madalean Gauze, PhilaMOCA, Philadelphia:

*Hop Along with Nervous Dater and Eight, Union Transfer, Philadelphia:

*Pussy Riot with Dorian Electra, Black Cat, Washington, D.C.:

*Laura Veirs with The Hackles, Boot & Saddle, Philadelphia:

APRIL 2018

*Mirah with Secret Drum Band, Johnny Brenda's, Philadelphia:

*Caroline Rose and Hurry, Main Street Music, Philadelphia:

*Bettye LaVette, World Cafe Live, Philadelphia:

*Caroline Rose, Johnny Brenda's, Philadelphia:

*Hop Along with Lucy Stone, Johnny Brenda's, Philadelphia:

*Arrested Development with Hardwork Movement, World Cafe Live, Philadelphia:

*L7 with Death Valley Girls, Trocadero, Philadelphia:

*Waxahatchee and Hurray for the Riff Raff with Bedouine, Union Transfer, Philadelphia:

*War on Women with The Up! Up! Ups! and Sick Shit, Boot and Saddle, Philadelphia:

*Tancred with Augusta Koch, Boot and Saddle, Philadelphia:

*Amy Klein with Uncle Valentine and Hidden Light, WaR3house 3, Swarthmore:

*Built to Spill and Afghan Whigs with Rituals of Mine, Electric Factory, Philadelphia:

*Matt and Kim with Tokyo Police Club, Electric Factory, Philadelphia:

*Kate Nash with Miya Folick, TLA, Philadelphia:

*Robyn Hitchcock with Tristen, Underground Arts, Philadelphia:

*Suzanne Vega, Sellersville Theater, Sellersville:

MARCH 2018

*Escondido and Kolars, Boot & Saddle, Philadelphia:

*Amy Rigby with The Knife & Fork Band, Dawson Street Pub, Philadelphia:

*Shopping with Control Top and French Vanilla, Johnny Brenda's, Philadelphia:

*Spoon with Sneaks, TLA, Philadelphia:

*Adrianne Lenker with Nick Hakim, Johnny Brenda's, Philadelphia:

*Jessica Lea Mayfield with Mal Blum, Boot & Saddle, Philadelphia:

*The Revolution, SugarHouse Casino, Philadelphia:

*The Zombies with Don DiLego, Scottish Rite Auditorium, Collingswood, NJ:

*Beth Ditto with Ssion, Union Transfer, Philadelphia:

*Kristin Hersh and Grant-Lee Phillips, Boot & Saddle, Philadelphia:

*Anais Mitchell with Charlotte Cornfield, Boot & Saddle, Philadelphia:

*Lucius with Ethan Gruska, First Unitarian Church, Philadelphia:

*Shame with Cult Objects, Cousin Danny's, Philadelphia:

*k.d. lang with Grigoryan Brothers, Keswick Theatre, Glenside, PA:

*Lo Moon with Kraus, The Foundry at The Fillmore, Philadelphia:

*Drive-By Truckers with Erika Wennerstrom, Union Transfer, Philadelphia:


*John Oates with Nathan Angelo and Sam Burchfield, World Cafe Live, Philadelphia:

*Palehound and Weaves with Tall Friend, Johnny Brenda's, Philadelphia:

*First Aid Kit with Van William, Union Transfer, Philadelphia:

*Robyn Hitchcock, Monty Hall, Jersey City, NJ:

*Bardo Pond with Henry Owings, Honey Radar and Major Stars, Johnny Brenda's, Philadelphia:

*Creepoid with Night Sins, Mannequin Pussy and An Albatross, Union Transfer, Philadelphia:

*Phoebe Bridgers with Soccer Mommy, World Cafe Live, Philadelphia:

*Rhett Miller and Evan Felker, World Cafe Live, Philadelphia:

*Grace Vonderkuhn with Sarah Koon, Eyebawl and Hoochi Coochi, 1984, Wilmington, DE:

*Screaming Females with Spowder, Monty Hall, Jersey City, NJ:

*Divide and Dissolve with Samara and Hot Tears, Century, Philadelphia:

*Grace Vonderkuhn, EggHunt Records:





*Tori Amos with Scars on 45, Tower Theater, Upper Darby, PA:

*The Breeders with Vacation, Union Transfer, Philadelphia:

*Grizzly Bear with Serpentwithfeet, The Fillmore, Philadelphia:

*Regina Spektor, The Queen, Wilmington, DE:

*Jolie Holland and Samantha Parton with Katie Von Schleicher, Boot & Saddle, Philadelphia:



Sting, Borgata, Atlantic City:

*The National, Union Transfer, Philadelphia:

*Filthy Friends with Versus, The Bell House, Brooklyn:

*Warpaint with The Dove and The Wolf, Underground Arts, Philadelphia:

*Boss Hog with Taiwan Housing Project and Sunshine & The Rain, Wonder Bar, Asbury Park:

*Patti Smith, Central Park, New York City:

*N2N Festival, Philadelphia:

*Arcade Fire, Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia:

*Jay Som with Soccer Mommey and Stef Chura, First Unitarian Church, Philadelphia:

*The Blasters with Flat Duo Jets and Full Blown Cherry, Kung Fu Neckties, Philadelphia:

*Torres with Aphra, Boot & Saddle, Philadelphia:



*The Districts with Abi Reimold and the spirit of the beehive, Union Transfer, Philadelphia:

*A.W. with Anomie and Augusta Koch, Boot & Saddle, Philadelphia:

*Shelby Lynne and Allison Moorer with Rick Brantley, World Cafe Live, Philadelphia:

*Callowhill with Rogue Conjurer and Great Weights, Boot & Saddle, Philadelphia:

*The Dream Syndicate, Mucchio Selvaggio (cover image):

JULY 2017

JUNE 2017

*Bell Biv DeVoe with En Vogue and SWV, The Mann, Philadelphia:

*Mary Timony, Boot & Saddle, Philadelphia:

*Sigur Ros, The Mann, Philadelphia:

*Richard Barone, World Cafe Live, Philadelphia:

*U2, Lincoln Financial Field, Philadelphia:

*Palm with Palberta and Suffer Dragon, PhilaMOCA, Philadelphia:

*Vita and the Woolf, Ghettoblaster:

*The Dream Syndicate, Starkult Promotion:

*Pylon Reenactment Society, Mountain XPress:

*The Dream Syndicate, Pitchfork:

*The Dream Syndicate, Stereogum:

*The Dream Syndicate, Brooklyn Vegan:

MAY 2017

*Old 97's with Nicole Atkins, Union Transfer, Philadelphia:

*Cayetana with Katie Ellen, Shannen Moser and Aster More, First Unitarian Church, Philadelphia:

*Rhiannon Giddens, World Cafe Live, Philadelphia:

*The Jesus and Mary Chain with The Cobbs, Union Transfer, Philadelphia:

*Cayetana Portraits, Philadelphia:

*NON-COMM Night 1, World Cafe Live, Philadelphia:

*NON-COMM Night 2, World Cafe Live, Philadelphia:

*NON-COMM Night 3, World Cafe Live, Philadelphia:

*The Dream Syndicate with Chris Forsyth and the Solar Motel Band, World Cafe Live, Philadelphia:

*Bush Tetras, Johnny Brenda's, Philadelphia:

*Heather Nova and Mishka with Kate Grom, Ardmore Music Hall, Ardmore:

*Quindar, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia:

*HoagieNation, Festival Pier, Philadelphia:

*LP with Josiah and the Bonnevilles, World Cafe Live, Philadelphia:

*Aye Nako, The Bay Bridged:

*Vita and the Woolf, Nylon:

*Cayetana, New Noise Magazine:

*Cayetana, Isthmus:

*Vita and the Woolf, Broadway World:

APRIL 2017

*Thao with Yowler, Johnny Brenda's, Philadelphia:

*Diet Cig with Daddy Issue and Hello Shark, Boot & Saddle, Philadelphia:

*Sallie Ford with Molly Burch and Haunted Homes, Johnny Brenda's, Philadelphia:

*The Decemberists with Julien Baker, The Fillmore, Philadelphia:

*Tinariwen with Dengue Fever, Union Transfer, Philadelphia:

*The Coathangers with Residuels and Louie Louie, Ortlieb's, Philadelphia:

*Drive-By Truckers with Hiss Golden Messenger, World Cafe Live at The Queen, Wilmington:

*PJ Harvey, The Fillmore, Philadelphia:

*Vita and The Woolf portraits, Philadelphia:

*Juliana Hatfield with Laura Stevenson, Boot & Saddle, Philadelphia:

*Moor Mother, Last Day Deaf:

*Abbas Kiarostami, Penn State Talk and Film Screening:,48083/

*Moor Mother, The Guardian:

*Aye Nako, Allston Pudding:

MARCH 2017


*Wesley Stace and Eric Bazilian, Tin Angel, Philadelphia:

*Priests with Snail Mail and Ursula, Everybody Hits, Philadelphia:

*Red Hot Chili Peppers with Trombone Shorty, Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia:

*Lady Lamb, Palo Santo Wellness Boutique, Philadelphia:

*July Talk with Mona and Little Junior, Boot & Saddle, Philadelphia:

*KT Tunstall with Kelvin Jones, World Cafe Live at The Queen, Wilmington, DE:

*The Suffers with The Ballroom Thieves, Arden Gild Hall, Arden, DE:

*Lisa Hannigan with Heather Woods Broderick, Underground Arts, Philadelphia:

*Robyn Hitchcock and Yo La Tengo, Rough Trade, Brooklyn:





*Frankie Cosmos with Big Thief and Free Cake for Every Creature, First Unitarian Church, Philadelphia:

*Suzanne Vega with Teddy Thompson, World Cafe Live, Philadelphia:

*Tegan and Sara with Torres, The Fillmore, Philadelphia:

*Temple of the Dog with Fantastic Negrito, Tower Theater, Upper Darby:

*Katy Perry Get Out the Vote Concert, The Mann, Philadelphia (PHOTOS ONLY):

*Screaming Females with Moor Mother, Psychic Teens and Ronnie Vega, First Unitarian Church, Philadelphia:

*Bruce Springsteen and Jon Bon Jovi Get Out the Vote, Independence Mall, Philadelphia (PHOTOS ONLY):

*Drive-By Truckers with Kyle Craft, Union Transfer, Philadelphia:

*Body/Head with Axis: Sova and Fully Glazed, PhilaMOCA, Philadelphia (PHOTOS ONLY):

*Work Drugs, Boot & Saddle, Philadelphia (PHOTO ONLY):

*Steve Wynn with Diane Gentile, Tin Angel, Philadelphia (PHOTOS ONLY):

*Mitski with Fear of Men and Weaves, First Unitarian Church, Philadelphia (PHOTOS ONLY):

*Stevie Nicks with The Pretenders, Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia (PHOTOS ONLY):


*Tacocat with Daddy Issues, Queen of Jeans and Pouty, Underground Arts, Philadelphia (PHOTOS ONLY):

*Le Butcherettes, Rolling Stone Mexico (PHOTO ONLY):

*Band of Skulls with Mothers, Union Transfer, Philadelphia:

*Sunflower Bean with The Lemon Twigs and Suburban Living, The Foundry, Philadelphia:

*Warpaint with Facial, Union Transfer, Philadelphia:

*Loch Lomond with Pat Kane, World Cafe Live at The Queen, Wilmington:

*Field Mouse and Cymbals Eat Guitars with Wildhoney, Johnny Brenda's, Philadelphia:

*Okkervil River with Lip Talk and Landlady, Union Transfer, Philadelphia:

*Joseph with William Wild, World Cafe Live, Philadelphia:

*Melissa Etheridge, Keswick Theatre, Glenside:

*The B-52's, The Fillmore, Philadelphia:

*Foals with Bear Hands and Kiev, Electric Factory, Philadelphia (PHOTOS ONLY):


*Made in America, Philadelphia (PHOTOS ONLY):

*Bruce Springsteen, Citizens Bank Park, Philadelphia:

*Dex Romweber with J.D. Wilkes, MilkBoy, Philadelphia:

*Angel Olsen with Alex Cameron, Union Transfer, Philadelphia:

*Rituals of Mine and The Album Leaf, Johnny Brenda's, Philadelphia:

*New Alternative Music Festival, Asbury Park, NJ (PHOTOS ONLY):

*New Alternative Music Festival Portraits, Asbury Park, NJ (PHOTOS ONLY):

*Lush with Tamaryn, Union Transfer, Philadelphia:

*Anais Mitchell with John Gallagher Jr, Tin Angel, Philadelphia:

*Pylon Reenactment Society with Dressy Bessy and Telepathic, Johnny Brenda's, Philadelphia:

*The Bird and The Bee with Samantha Sidley, Underground Arts, Philadelphia:

*Green Day, Tower Theater, Upper Darby, PA:

*All Dogs with Mannequin Pussy and Outer Spaces, PhilaMOCA, Philadelphia:


*White Lung with Greys, Boot & Saddle, Philadelphia:


*Erykah Badu with Gallant, Tower Theater, Upper Darby, PA:

*I Love the '90's Tour including Vanilla Ice, Salt-N-Pepa and more, BB&T Pavilion, Camden, NJ:

*Juliette Lewis with The New Regime, Union Transfer, Philadelphia:

*Rainer Maria with Olivia Neutron-John, PhilaMOCA, Philadelphia:

*The Go-Go's with Best Coast and Kaya Stewart, The Fillmore, Philadelphia:

*Belly, Union Transfer, Philadelphia (PHOTOS ONLY):

*PJ Harvey, Terminal 5, New York (PHOTOS ONLY):

*Philadelphia's Best Music Venues (1 PHOTO ONLY):

*The Shondes, Debut of New Single (PHOTO ONLY):

*Hotsy Totsy Fashion Story (1 PHOTO ONLY):

JULY 2016

*Fear of Men with Puro Instinct and Mercury Girls, Johnny Brenda's, Philadelphia (PHOTOS ONLY):

*Goodbye Honolulu (ONE PHOTO ONLY):!Local-Spotlight-Goodbye-Honolulu/c21kp/577d23910cf21e6e1ebb91f5

*Bad Canoes, Turnip King, Beth Israel and Neolibz, Goldy's, Philadelphia (PHOTOS ONLY):

*Mike Cooley, Underground Arts, Philadelphia:

*Jane's Addiction with Dinosaur Jr., The Stone Pony Summerstage, Asbury Park, NJ:

*Duran Duran with CHIC featuring Nile Rodgers and TOKiMONSTA, BB&T Pavilion, Camden, NJ:

*The Shondes, Story on Premiere of Single, (PHOTO ONLY):

*XPoNential Music Festival Preview (SOME PHOTOS ONLY):

*XPoNential Day 1 (PHOTOS ONLY):

*XPoNential Day 2 (PHOTOS ONLY):

*XPoNential Day 3 (PHOTOS ONLY):

*XPoNential Portraits, XPoNential Music Festival, Camden, NJ (PHOTOS ONLY):

*Steve Earle at XPoNential Music Festival, Camden, NJ (PHOTOS ONLY):

*Quilt with the dove & the wolf and Mary Lattimore, The Foundry, Philadelphia:

*Garbage with Kristin Kontrol, The Fillmore, Philadelphia:

*Heart, Joan Jett and The Blackhearts and Cheap Trick, BB&T Pavilion, Camden, NJ:

JUNE 2016

*Make the World Better Benefit: Hop Along with Waxahatchee and Amos Lee, Union Transfer, Philadelphia:

*Wilco with Richard Thompson, The Mann, Philadelphia:

*Escondido with Among Savages, World Cafe Live Upstairs, Philadelphia:

*Flight of the Conchords, The Mann, Philadelphia:

*Beverly with Flowers and Mercury Girls, Johnny Brenda's, Philadelphia:

*Dolly Parton, The Mann, Philadelphia:

*Radio 104.5 9th Birthday Bash with Florence + The Machine, The Lumineers and More, BB&T Pavilion, Camden, NJ:

*Dixie Chicks, BB&T Pavilion, Camden, NJ (REVIEW ONLY):

*Margaret Glaspy with Adia Victoria and Julia Rainer, Johnny Brenda's, Philadelphia:

*Athfest, Athens, GA:

MAY 2016

*Santigold, TLA, Philadelphia:

*M. Ward with NAF, Union Transfer, Philadelphia:

*Heart on Fire: Ivan Julian Benefit Concert, City Winery, NYC:

*Mirah and Jherek Bischoff, Boot & Saddle, Philadelphia:

*Cage The Elephant with Portugal. The Man and Broncho, Mann Skyline Stage, Philadelphia:

*Old 97's and Heartless Bastards with BJ Barham, Union Transfer, Philadelphia:

*Non-COMMvention Night 1, World Cafe Live, Philadelphia:

*Non-COMMvention Night 2, World Cafe Live, Philadelphia:

*Non-COMMvention Night 3, World Cafe Live, Philadelphia:

*Lady Lamb with Allison Crutchfield, Field Mouse and Holly Miranda, She Shreds 10th Issue Release, Market Hotel, Brooklyn:

*Queen of Jeans with Abi Reimold and Vita and the Woolf, Bourbon & Branch, Philadelphia:

*Alejandro Escovedo with Lili Anel, Arden Gild Hall, Arden, DE:

APRIL 2016

*Japanese Breakfast with Myrrias and Littler, Ortlieb's, Philadelphia:

*Lucius with Pure Bathing Culture, Union Transfer, Philadelphia:

*Andrew Bird with Boogarians, Electric Factory, Philadelphia:

*The Kills with Kim and The Created, Union Transfer, Philadelphia:

*Bleached with No Parents, Johnny Brenda's, Philadelphia:

*Thao & the Get Down Stay Down with Saintseneca and Little Scream, Underground Arts, Philadelphia:

*Floetry with Kris Kelli, TLA, Philadelphia:

*Pearl Jam, Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia:

MARCH 2016

*Use Your Voice tour with Patty Griffin, Sara Watkins and Anais Mitchell, Jorgensen Center for Performing Arts, Storrs, CT:

*Hinds with Goodbye Honolulu, U Street Music Hall, Washington, D.C.:

*Le Butcherettes with Eureka The Butcher and The Dead Ships, Underground Arts, Philadelphia:

*Mount Moriah with Skylar Gudasz, Boot & Saddle, Philadelphia:

*Greg Dulli with Derrick Brown, First Unitarian Church, Philadelphia:

*Those Darlins with Mrs. Adam Schatz and Idle Bloom, Boot & Saddle, Philadelphia:

*Robyn Hitchcock with Emma Swift, Arden Gild Hall, Arden, DE:

*Shearwater with Cross Record, The Crocodile, Seattle, WA:

*The Split Squad with Stupidity and Palmyra Delran, Boot & Saddle, Philadelphia:

*Basia Bulat with Twin Limb, Boot & Saddle, Philadelphia:

*Laura Stevenson with Crying, Boot & Saddle, Philadelphia:

*Lucinda Williams cover photo, Louisiana Women: Their Lives and Times, Volume 2 (PHOTO ONLY):





*Adia Victoria, Photos from Kung Fu Necktie show in April, Nashville Arts Magazine (PHOTOS ONLY):

*Dar Williams, New Hope Winery, New Hope, PA:

*Arcade Fire and First Aid Kit, Photos from the past (2014) in an article about the Smithsonian Rock Photography Contest, Philadelphia Inquirer (PHOTOS AND QUOTES ONLY):

*Sleater-Kinney, Milk.XYZ:

*Joanna Newsom with Alela Diane, Union Transfer, Philadelphia:

*Speedy Ortiz with Downtown Boys, Palm and Anomie, First Unitarian Church, Philadelphia:

*Aimee Mann and Ted Leo Christmas Show, Union Transfer, Philadelphia:

*Sleater-Kinney with Torres, King's Theatre, Brooklyn:

*The Arcs with Mariachi Flor de Toloache, Fillmore, Philadelphia:

*Callowhill with Moor Mother Goddess and Hot Tears, Boot & Saddle, Philadelphia:

*The Spring Standards with The McTell Brothers and The Tall Pines, Arden Gild Hall, Arden, Delaware:

*My Top 5 Philly Concerts of 2015:

*My Top Philly Concert Photos of 2015:



*Kurt Vile with Waxahatchee and Luke Roberts, Union Transfer:

*Creepoid with No Devotion, Wax Idols and Socialite, Foundry, Philadelphia:

*Old 97's with Banditos, 9:30 Club, Washington, D.C.:

*Babes in Toyland with Kitten Forever, Underground Arts, Philadelphia:

*Peaches with Deap Vally and Naked Cowgirl, Trocadero, Philadelphia:

*Joanna Gruesome, Aye Nako, King of Cats and Mercury Girls, PhilaMOCA, Philadelphia:

*Ringo Starr, Tower Theater, Philadelphia:


*Made in America, Day 1, Philadelphia:

*Made in America, Day 2, Philadelphia:

*Dengue Fever with Downtown Club, Johnny Brenda's, Philadelphia:

*L7 with The Pretty Greens, Trocadero, Philadelphia:

*Vita and the Woolf with Aphra and Legs Like Tree Trunks, Johnny Brenda's, Philadelphia:

*Diana Ross, The Mann, Philadelphia (REVIEW ONLY):


*Kate Faust, Son Little, Bilal, Underground Arts, Philadelphia (PHOTOS ONLY):

*Adia Victoria with Church Girls, Johnny Brenda's, Philadelphia:

*Meg Baird with Marry Lattimore and Samara Lubelski, Johnny Brenda's, Philadelphia:

*La Luz with The Pretty Greens and Scully, Underground Arts, Philadelphia:

JULY 2015

*Melvins with Le Butcherettes, Underground Arts, Philadelphia:

*Mitski with Elvis Depressedly and Eskimeaux, PhilaMOCA, Philadelphia:

*Mekons, Boot & Saddle, Philadelphia:

*XPoNential Music Festival Day 1, Camden, NJ:

*XPoNential Music Festival Day 2, Camden, NJ:

*XPoNential Music Festival Day 3, Camden, NJ:

*R. Ring with Joe Jack Talcum and Cynthia Schemmer, Johnny Brenda's, Philadelphia:

*Iron & Wine and Ben Bridwell with Lydia Loveless, Union Transfer, Philadelphia:

*"Weird Al" Yankovic, The Mann, Philadelphia:

JUNE 2015

*The Decemberists with Father John Misty, Merriweather Post Pavilion, Columbia, MD:

*The B-52s with French Horn Rebellion, Keswick Theatre, Glenside, PA:

*Girl Band, Lower Dens and Viet Cong, Voyeur Night Club, Philadelphia:

*Neko Case with Jennifer O'Connor, The Grand Opera House, Wilmington, DE:

*Courtney Barnett with Chastity Belt and Darren Hanlon, Union Transfer, Philadelphia (PHOTOS ONLY):

*John Mellencamp with Carlene Carter, Merriam Theater, Philadelphia:

*Robert Plant with Pixies, The Mann Center, Philadelphia:

*Paul McCartney, Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia:

*D'Angelo with Meg Mac, Keswick Theatre, Glenside, PA:

*Athfest, Athens, GA:

*The Baseball Project, Athfest, Athens, GA (PHOTOS ONLY):

*Brian Wilson with Rodriguez, The Mann Center, Philadelphia:

MAY 2015

*The Replacements with Superchunk and J. Roddy Walston & The Business, Festival Pier, Philadelphia:

*Ryan Adams with Strand of Oaks, Grand Opera House, Wilmington, DE:

*NON-COMM 2015, World Cafe Live, Philadelphia:

*Rhett Miller, World Cafe Live at The Queen, Wilmington, DE:

*Cynthia G. Mason, World Cafe Live, Philadelphia (PHOTOS ONLY):

APRIL 2015

*Jose Gonzalez with Olof Arnalds, Union Transfer, Philadelphia:

*The Decemberists with Alvvays, Academy of Music, Philadelphia:

*Lady Lamb with Luke Rathborne, World Cafe Live, Philadelphia:

*Sufjan Stevens with Cold Specks, Academy of Music, Philadelphia:

*Paula Cole, World Cafe Live, Philadelphia:

*The Sonics with Barrence Whitfield & The Savages and Residuels, TLA, Philadelphia:

*Mary Chapin Carpenter, Scottish Rite Auditorium, Collingswood, NJ:

*Rainer Maria, Union Transfer, Philadelphia (PHOTOS ONLY):

*The Feelies, World Cafe Live, Philadelphia:

*Ex Hex with Sheer Mag and A.M. Mills, Union Transfer, Philadelphia:

*Those Darlins with Adia Victoria, Kung Fu Necktie, Philadelphia:

MARCH 2015

*The Juliana Hatfield Three with It's a King Thing, Boot & Saddle, Philadelphia:

*Gang of Four, TLA, Philadelphia:

*Will Butler with TEEN, Boot & Saddle, Philadelphia:

*Mary Gauthier and Allison Moorer, The Queen, Wilmington:

*Swans with Little Annie, Union Transfer, Philadelphia:


*The Twilight Sad with Port St. Willow, Boot & Saddle, Philadelphia:

*Sleater-Kinney with Lizzo, Union Transfer, Philadelphia (PHOTOS ONLY):


*Indigo Girls, Scottish Rite Auditorium, Collingswood, NJ:

*The Psychedelic Furs with Travel Lanes, Ardmore Music Hall, Ardmore, PA:

*The Vaselines with Amanda X, Johnny Brenda's, Philadelphia:

*Cracker and Camper Van Beethoven, World Cafe Live, Philadelphia:

*Lia Ices with Seoul, Boot & Saddle, Philadelphia:

*Billy Idol with Broncho, Tower Theater, Upper Darby, PA:



*Strand of Oaks with Torres, Union Transfer, Philadelphia:

*Work Drugs with Vita and the Woolf, Boot & Saddle, Philadelphia:

*Over the Rhine with Dom Flemons, Underground Arts, Philadelphia:

*Wilco, Riviera Theatre, Chicago:

*Television with Dennis Driscoll, TLA, Philadelphia:

*Patti Smith with Michael Stipe, Webster Hall, New York:

*Best Albums of the Year, Philadelphia City Paper (WORDS ONLY):

*Top Live Experiences Outside of Philadelphia for The Key:

*Best Photos of the Year for City Paper:


*Rhett Miller with August John Lutz II, World Cafe Live, Philadelphia:

*Speedy Ortiz with Ex Hex and No Other, Johnny Brenda's, Philadelphia:

*Antemasque with Le Butcherettes, Union Transfer, Philadelphia:

*Laura Stevenson with Meghann Wright and Keith Gibbons, MilkBoy, Philadelphia:

*Robyn Hitchcock at Ram's Head, Annapolis, MD and World Cafe Live, Philadelphia:

*The Dream Syndicate with EZTV, Rough Trade, Brooklyn:

*Stevie Wonder, Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia:

*Chuck Prophet with Warren Zanes, World Cafe Live, Philadelphia:


*Lykke Li with Mapei, Union Transfer, Philadelphia:

*The Afghan Whigs with Joseph Arthur, Union Transfer, Philadelphia:

*The Bangles, World Cafe Live, Philadelphia:

*Neil Young, Academy of Music, Philadelphia:

*The Fauntleroys with Jeff Thomas' All-Volunteer Army, North Star Bar, Philadelphia:

*Marketa Irglova with Rosi Golan, World Cafe Live, Philadelphia:

*Richard Thompson with Dar Williams, Scottish Rite Auditorium, Collingswood, NJ:

*Carlene Carter, New Hope Winery, New Hope, PA:

*Courtney Barnett with San Fermin and Mikhael Paskalev, Union Transfer, Philadelphia:

*The Kills with Moon Duo, Trocadero, Philadelphia:

*The Stray Birds with Jordie Lane, World Cafe Live, Philadelphia:

*Thurston Moore with PCPC, Boot & Saddle, Philadelphia:


*Spoon, World Cafe Live, Philadelphia:

*Lera Lynn with Luray, Tin Angel, Philadelphia:

*Black Prairie with Kristin Andreassen, Tin Angel, Philadelphia:

*Chris Isaak, Keswick Theatre, Glenside, PA:

*Jack White with Olivia Jean, Merriweather Post Pavilion, Columbia, MD:

*Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers with Steve Winwood, Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia:

*Strands of Oak with Christopher Denny, Boot & Saddle, Philadelphia:

*Screaming Females with Nude Beach, Shellshag and Mal Blum, Boyd Park, New Brunswick, NJ:

*Tweedy, World Cafe Live Producer's Session, Philadelphia (PHOTOS ONLY):

*Tweedy with Hospitality, Merriam Theater, Philadelphia:

*Shovels & Rope with John Fullbright, Union Transfer, Philadelphia:

*Lydia Loveless with TJ Kong and Josh Olmstead, MilkBoy, Philadelphia:


*The Baseball Project: Washington, DC; Rehoboth Beach, DE; Ringwood, NJ; Philadelphia; Portsmouth, NH; Asbury Park:

*Lera Lynn and The Wallace Brothers Band, Eagleview Town Center, Exton, PA:

*The Rosebuds with Jesse Marchant, Boot & Saddle, Philadelphia:

*Tori Amos with Trevor Moss & Hannah-Lou, Verizon Hall, Philadelphia:

*Divers, Katie Frank & The Pheremones and DJ Lisa Love, Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia:

*Vita and the Woolf, The Key Studio Session, Philadelphia (PHOTOS ONLY):

JULY 2014

*Natalie Merchant, Keswick Theatre, Glenside, PA:

*Cracker and Camper Van Beethoven Acoustic with Lydia Loveless, Sellersville Theater, Sellersville, PA:

*Sarah McLachlan, Mann Center, Philadelphia:

*XPoNential Music Festival Day 1 with Rodrigo y Gabriela, Lucius, Houndmouth, The Hold Steady and James Cotton, Camden, NJ:

*XPoNential Music Festival Day 2 with Ryan Adams, Jenny Lewis, Dawes, Our Griffins, Commonwealth Choir, Hurray for the Riff Raff, Marah, Strand of Oaks, Ingrid Michaelson and C.J. Chenier and the Red Hot Louisiana Band, Camden, NJ:

*XPoNential Music Festival Day 3 with Beck, The Districts, Nicole Atkins, Old 97's, Diego Garcia, Man Man and Trigger Hippy, Camden, NJ:

*Aaron & The Spell, Pastorius Park, Philadelphia:

JUNE 2014

*Meshell Ndegeocello, World Cafe Live, Philadelphia:

*First Aid Kit with Willy Mason, Union Transfer, Philadelphia:

*tUnE-yArDs with Sylvan Esso, Union Transfer, Philadelphia:

*Sharon Van Etten with Jana Hunter, Union Transfer, Philadelphia:

*Athfest with Honeychild, Hope for Agoldensummer, Dream Boat, Thayer Sarrano, Ruby the Rabbitfoot, Four Eyes, New Madrid, Reptar, Kishi Bashi, Muuy Biien and more, Athens, GA:

MAY 2014

*Nels Cline, Johnny Brenda's, Philadelphia:

*The Both with Islands, Union Transfer, Philadelphia:

*Drivin' N' Cryin' with Aaron Lee Tasjan, The Queen, Wilmington:

*Marnie Stern with Joint Chiefs of Math and Mumblr, Johnny Brenda's, Philadelphia:

*Keren Ann with Bonzie, World Cafe Live, Philadelphia:

*NON-COMMvention Day 1 with The Districts, The Afghan Whigs, The Hold Steady, No Sinner and more, World Cafe Live, Philadelphia:

*NON-COMMvention Day 2 with Ian McLagan, Those Darlins, Hozier, Benjamin Booker and more, World Cafe Live, Philadelphia:

*NON-COMMvention Day 3 with Strand of Oaks, Lydia Loveless, Lykke Li, Parquet Courts and more, World Cafe Live, Philadelphia:

*Mirah with Led to Sea and Loamlands, Johnny Brenda's, Philadelphia:

*The Flatmates, Literature, Expert Alterations and Tender Vision, Connie's Ric Rac, Philadelphia:

APRIL 2014

*Natalie Merchant, WXPN's Big Day Out, World Cafe Live, Philadelphia:

*Amy Ray with Phil Cook, World Cafe Live, Philadelphia:

*The Sounds with Blondfire and Strange Talk, Union Transfer, Philadelphia:

*The Julie Ruin with Screaming Females and Shellshag, Asbury Lanes, Asbury Park:

*Alejandro Escovedo with Amy Cook, World Cafe Live, Philadelphia:

*Ani DiFranco, The Queen, Wilmington:

*Jessica Lea Mayfield with Gambles, Johnny Brenda's, Philadelphia:

*Joseph Arthur, Tin Angel, Philadelphia:

MARCH 2014

*Cowboy Junkies, Dennis Flyer Theater, Blackwood, NJ:

*Andrew Lipke, Burlington County Library Auditorium, Westampton, NJ:

*Robyn Hitchcock with Jann Klose, Sellersville Theater, Sellersville, PA:

*Ex Hex with Natural Velvet and Bobby Donnie, Ottobar, Baltimore:

*Paul Simon and Sting, Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia:

*Throwing Muses with Tanya Donelly, Bowery Ballroom, New York:

*Drive-By Truckers with Blitzen Trapper, The Queen, Wilmington:

*Arcade Fire with Kid Koala and Dan Deacon, Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia:

*Suzanne Vega, Two Rivers Theater, Red Bank, NJ:

*Tinariwen with The Melodic, Prince Music Theater, Philadelphia:

*Warpaint with Cate Le Bon, Union Transfer, Philadelphia:

*Okkervil River with Typhoon, Lady Lamb and Hundred Visions, Union Transfer, Philadelphia:

*The Stray Birds with Caitlin Canty, World Cafe Live, Philadelphia:

*Johnny Clegg with Jesse Clegg, World Cafe Live, Philadelphia:






*Colin Meloy with Eleanor Friedberger, Keswick Theatre, Glenside, PA:

*Sallie Ford and The Sound Outside with Mount Moriah and Pine Barons, North Star Bar, Philadelphia:

*Drive-By Truckers and Old 97's, TLA, Philadelphia:

*The Head and The Heart with Thao & The Get Down Stay Down and Quiet Life, Union Transfer, Philadelphia:

*Elvis Costello, Merriam Theater, Philadelphia:

*Kevn Kinney with Peter Buck and Michael Stipe, 40 Watt and Cine, Athens, GA:

*Mazzy Star, Union Transfer, Philadelphia (WORDS ONLY):

*Luscious Jackson, Union Transfer, Philadelphia:

*Chris Cornell with Bhi Bhiman, Scottish Rite Auditorium, Collingswood, NJ:

*Bonnie Raitt, The Grand Opera House, Wilmington:

*Oh! Pears with Comes a Time and Joey Sweeney, Ortlieb's, Philadelphia:

*Rosanne Cash, World Cafe Live, Philadelphia:

*The Last Waltz Tribute, Trocadero, Philadelphia:



*The Julie Ruin with Swearin', Black Cat, Washington, DC (PHOTOS ONLY):

*The Rosebuds, Johnny Brenda's, Philadelphia:

*Deerhunter with Crystal Stilts, Union Transfer, Philadelphia:

*Lucinda Williams with The Kenneth Brian Band, Keswick Theater, Glenside, PA:

*Atoms for Peace, Liacouras Center, Philadelphia:

*Tired Pony, Housing Works, New York:

*KT Tunstall with Brian Lopez, Union Transfer, Philadelphia:

*The Dodos with Dustin Wong, Johnny Brenda's, Philadelphia:

*Screaming Females with Waxahatchee, Tenement and Trophy Wife, First Unitarian Church, Philadelphia:


JULY 2013

*Joseph Arthur, World Cafe Live, Philadelphia (PHOTO ONLY):

*Bosnian Rainbows with Sister Crayon and Mohican, Underground Arts, Philadelphia:

*Savages with Johnny Hostile, Union Transfer, Philadelphia:

*Sallie Ford and The Sound Outside with Justin Stens and the Get Real Gang, MilkBoy, Philadelphia:

*Samantha Crain with Bombadil and Kevin Killen, The Fire, Philadelphia:

*Ted Leo and The Pharmacists with The Warmingtons and Very Americans, Chronic Town, State College, PA:

*Maxwell's Final Two Shows with Lee Ranaldo, The Bongos, "a," Houndmouth, Delicate Steve and more, Maxwell's, Hoboken, NJ:

JUNE 2013

*The National, Mann Performing Arts Center, Philadelphia (PHOTO ONLY):

*Of Monsters and Men with Half Moon Run, Festival Pier, Philadelphia:

*Ladyfest Philly, The Rotunda, Philadelphia (PHOTOS ONLY):

*Companion with Evangelicals and Josh Jones, Kung Fu Necktie, Philadelphia (PHOTOS ONLY):

MAY 2013

*Stornoway with Field Report, Kung Fu Necktie, Philadelphia (PHOTOS ONLY):

*The Breeders with Tweens, Trocadero, Philadelphia (PHOTOS ONLY):

*Marnie Stern with Little Big League and Barren Girls, Johnny Brenda's, Philadelphia:

*James Blake with Samiyam, TLA, Philadelphia (PHOTOS ONLY):

*Lady Lamb with Xenia Rubinos, World Cafe, Philadelphia:

*Iron and Wine with The Secret Sisters, Union Transfer, Philadelphia (PHOTOS ONLY):

APRIL 2013

*Rodriguez with Jenny O, Keswick Theater, Glenside, PA (PHOTOS ONLY):

*B.B. King with Jonathon "Boogie" Long, Keswick Theater, Glenside, PA (PHOTOS ONLY):

*Anais Mitchell and Jefferson Hamer with Robert Sarazin Blake, Tin Angel, Philadelphia (PHOTOS ONLY):

*Billy Bragg at Main Street Music and Keswick Theater (PHOTOS ONLY):

*Robyn Hitchcock and The Venus 3, Webster Hall, New York (PHOTO ONLY):

*Johnny Marr, Trocadero, Philadelphia (PHOTOS ONLY):

MARCH 2013

*Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds, Keswick Theater, Glenside, PA (PHOTO ONLY):

*Veronica Falls with Juan Wauters and Cold Showers, Johnny Brenda's, Philadelphia (PHOTOS ONLY):

*Body/Head, Space 1026, Philadelphia (PHOTOS ONLY):

*Jukebox the Ghost, Matt Pond and The Spring Standards, Union Transfer, Philadelphia (PHOTOS ONLY):


*Patti Smith, Katharine Hepburn Medal Ceremony, Bryn Mawr College, Bryn Mawr, PA (PHOTOS ONLY):

*Chris Stamey, World Cafe Live, Philadelphia (PHOTOS ONLY):

*Bosnian Rainbows with Marriages, First Unitarian Church, Philadelphia (PHOTOS ONLY):

*Ken Stringfellow with Roomtone and Josh Levandowski, North Star Bar, Philadelphia (PHOTOS ONLY):


*John Wesley Harding and Black Prairie, MilkBoy, Philadelphia (PHOTOS ONLY):

*The xx, Electric Factory, Philadelphia (PHOTOS ONLY):



*Thurston Moore, Space 1026, Philadelphia (PHOTOS ONLY):

*Andrew Lipke and Gillian Grassie, Tin Angel, Philadelphia (PHOTOS ONLY):

*Five Best Concert Photos, The Key:

*Albums of the Year, Philadelphia City Paper (WORDS ONLY):


*Mirah and Mount Moriah, Johnny Brenda's, Philadelphia (PHOTOS ONLY):

*Sufjan Stevens, Union Transfer, Philadelphia (PHOTOS ONLY):


*Alabama Shakes, Electric Factory, Philadelphia (PHOTOS ONLY):

*Drivin' N' Cryin', MilkBoy, Philadelphia (PHOTOS ONLY):

*Old 97's, Union Transfer, Philadelphia (PHOTOS ONLY):


*Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band, Citizen Bank Park, Philadelphia (WORDS ONLY):

*Patterson Hood and the Downtown Rumblers, World Cafe Live, Philadelphia (PHOTOS ONLY):

*Corin Tucker Band, Johnny Brenda's, Philadelphia (PHOTOS ONLY):


*mewithoutYou, TLA, Philadelphia (PHOTOS ONLY):

*Andrew Lipke and The Azrael Quartet, Christ Church, Riverton, NJ (PHOTOS ONLY):

MARCH 2012

*Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band, Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia:



*Songs of the Year for Philadelphia City Paper: "Blue" by R.E.M. (WORDS ONLY):

*Songs of the Year for Philadelphia City Paper: "Racehorse" by Wild Flag (WORDS ONLY):

*Albums of the Year, Philadelphia City Paper (WORDS ONLY):


*Foo Fighters with The Joy Formidable, Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia (PHOTO ONLY):


*Athens Popfest, Athens, GA (PHOTO ONLY):

JULY 2011

*Athfest, Athens, GA (PHOTO ONLY):


*Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band, Wachovia Spectrum, Philadelphia (PHOTOS ONLY):

MARCH 2009

*R.E.M. Carnegie Hall Show Preview (PHOTO ONLY):


*Frank Fairfield, Starlight Ballroom, Philadelphia (PHOTO ONLY):


*Radiohead, Susquehanna Bank Center, Camden, NJ (PHOTO ONLY):

*Wilco, The Grand Opera House, Wilmington (PHOTO ONLY):

JUNE 2008

*Shearwater, Johnny Brenda's, Philadelphia (PHOTOS ONLY):

*R.E.M. Website Blog Post (PHOTO ONLY):

*Plant Photo, Fairmount Park, Philadelphia (PHOTO ONLY):

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