Isolation Drills #151-160

2021 knocks on our doors but tragedy and isolation continue. Music itches to be live again, but that is far off in the distance as a reality for all. So Isolation Drills moves forward, hitting 160 participants published. Philadelphia-area musical acts have had their portraits and artist statements published on MAGNET Magazine as part of the Isolation Drills series since April (and it is not stopping anytime soon). These brilliant artists have spoken about what it means to be a musician right now during the pandemic. Among published #s 151-160 are Dan Drago, Tubey Frank, Elaine Rasnake, HESS, Laura Lizcano, Paul Wilkinson, Danny Black, Honeyjar, Farah Siraj and Gary Dann.  I snap the portraits while the words are directly from the artists. Visit my pages on my website here and here to see galleries of all artists and visit MAGNET Magazine here to read each one here. 

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