Isolation Drills #211-220

Summer is around the corner. Summer 2021…. I have been working on this project since April 2020. It is nearing its completion with a bittersweet taste in the air. Connecting with Philadelphia-area artists has been an honor, but it is time for art to return to the pre-COVID state of existence. Can a true return happen, or will it be something new? Time will tell. This project where Philadelphia-area musical acts have had their portraits and artist statements published on MAGNET Magazine as part of the Isolation Drills series has hit its 220th “drill.” The published #s 21-211-220 are George Korein, Nicole June, Chris Malinowski, Grace Vonderkuhn, Matt Weed, The Vaughns, Fried Monk x beautiful-fortune, Danielle Johnson, Josh Machiz and Kyle Pulley. I snap the portraits while the words are directly from the artists. Visit my pages on my website here and here to see galleries of all artists and visit MAGNET Magazine here to read each one here. 

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