Isolation Drills #51-60

It is the middle of July, the dog-days of summer and COVID-19. Yet “Isolation Drills” has continued to bring me within a socially-distanced proximity of Philadelphia-area musicians. These awesome artists have spoken about what it means to be a musician right now during the COVID-19 pandemic. Among published #s 51-60 are Ali Awan, Ill Doots, Brother Starling, Emily Bate, Mike “Slo-Mo” Brenner, RedtouchBlack, Rosali, Kate Nyx, Jesse Lundy and The River Drivers.  I snap the portraits while the words are directly from the artists. Sixty have been published so far (with 45+ more being worked on; yes, 100+ have been captured). Visit my page on my website here to see a gallery and visit MAGNET Magazine here to read each one here. 

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