Isolation Drills #91-100

100 Isolation Drills. As of today, August 27, 100 Philadelphia-area musical acts have had their portraits and artist statements published on MAGNET Magazine as part of the Isolation Drills series. These brilliant artists have spoken about what it means to be a musician right now during the COVID-19 pandemic. Among published #s 91-100 are 2nd Grade, Geeta Simons and Brother JT, Lia Menaker, Devon, Shorn Marshall, Witching, Carsie Blanton, Dean Sabatino of The Dead Milkmen, John Byrne and Ben Arnold.  I snap the portraits while the words are directly from the artists. 90 have been published so far on the way to 110+. Visit my page on my website here to see a gallery and visit MAGNET Magazine here to read each one here. 

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